There are a number of things always on the go on the Western Side of Cape Breton Island, especial Chimney Corner, where visitors seem to flock to in Spring, Summer and Fall each year.

Here are a few things below that are popular in the area. This list is constantly being updated so if you feel you have something to add to our list, please feel free to contact Cabot Coast at any time –


Inverness County is well know for beautiful beaches, great golfing, awesome music, and the Great Outdoors. So why would someone not want to stay at a “cliff side cottage” overlooking the Atlantic Ocean!

Inverness has it’s own unique look and feel, much different than the industrial side of Cape Breton. There are so many activities in Inverness from golf, to whale watching, to swimming, to kayaking, to scuba diving, plus lots more! If you’ve never been to Inverness Cape Breton, you are in for a vacation of a lifetime!


Chimney Corner Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Cape Breton Island! Margaree Harbour and Whale Cove are other popular beaches in the area. If you are looking for more than a day trip, There are cottages to rent in Chimney Corner at Cabot Coast as well as a number of other cabins, bnb’s, and campsites nearby.

Most of these local beaches on the western side of the Island are unsupervised so take care that you will be responsible for the safety of you and your family. Inquire at Cabot Coast Cottages in Chimney Corner if need directions to beaches or restaurants in the area while you are visiting.


There are plenty of local walking trails in the Highlands National Park as well as in Inverness County.

Other popular trails that vary in length and difficulty are Meat Cove Trails, Ingonish Trails like Mount Franney, and the Sky Line Trail boasts awesome views of the Cabot Trail once you climb to the summit.


There are many whale watching tours all over Cape Breton Island. Check local listings on Google for name sand departure times in the various locations.

Viewing the Cabot Trail from the ocean is an experience not soon to be forgotten. Once you see your first whale breach the surface of the water, it is unforgettable! Our front desk at Cabot Shores can help arrange a whale watch if that is something you are interested in.


Don’t forget to make time to trail around the Cabot Trail, which has been voted the best trail in the World as well as Cape Breton being voted the number one island in Canada!